Megaupload Fileserve and Filesonic Alternatives

So the FBI shuttered file-sharing web site MegaUpload, fileserve and Filesonic this afternoon. Here are a couple of still active alternatives you can use: – This service provides up to 100MB file size per upload, and unlimited storage.  A “pro” account will also get you a few more perks if you want to pay for it. – With a limit of 100MB per file in size, the most enticing thing about this hosting solution would be the fact that it isn’t used by many – so speeds should be pretty good. - With MegaUpload down, RapidShare is your next natural alternative for a site that allows you to upload large files and send your friends a link to download them.

Try out these few fileservers. I know Mediafire will keep us going. You can also click the link to the left of thi page they will give you loads of alternative downloads.

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